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Code of Conduct

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House rules Gen Z Cycling

I respect 

Respect is obvious for Gen Z Cycling. From person to person within a hierarchical line, towards the board, employees, volunteers, athletes both in presence and absence; both in activities and outside the activities of Gen Z Cycling. Appointments will always be met and in the event of absence or unavailability, the person concerned will notify you as soon as possible.

II Strengthening the Weakest Link 

In contrast to the Chinese method, we at Gen Z Cycling and by extension at VZW Gen Z Sports attach great importance to the maximum strengthening of the weakest link. This means that the least performing individual can also find his place within the operation of Gen Z Cycling and earns as much respect here as the best performing individual. So we will do our best to improve the weak spots of every cyclist and athlete in general in order to increase the strength of the total club.  

II Race and gender equality 

At VZW Gen Z Sports, everyone is treated equally; regardless of gender, color, national origin, religious belief or other characteristics that distinguish one individual from another.  

III Equal Opportunities 

Some groups of society initially have fewer resources than others for practicing certain sports. At Gen Z Cycling we want to emphasize openness and accessibility as much as possible in order to allow as many people as possible within our society to enjoy cycling and to practice it, regardless of physical or social level. We want to achieve this by organizing open days, start days, information sessions,...  

IV Democratic principle 

By incorporating arguments from our members, we at Gen Z Cycling strongly believe in a constant development and improvement of our project. For us, the opinion of each member counts and will always be included for analysis in the board.  

V UBUNTU philosophy 

Ubuntu is a philosophy from the southern part of Africa and is loosely translated as “I am because we are”. With this we firmly believe that within our community we do not put our own interests first, but the group atmosphere and the unity of the community. The stronger, better, more content we can make our fellow members, the stronger, better and more content we will be ourselves.  


VI Gen Z Cycling Community

All Gen Z Cycling members will endeavor to participate as much as possible in and encourage third parties to participate in Gen Z Cycling events, member-only events or other fundraising activities with the ultimate goal of financially supporting the Gen Z Cycling community.


VII Sponsors & Partners

The members of Gen Z Cycling will at all times promote the sponsors and partners of the Gen Z Cycling community as a thank you for their loyal support and with the aim of preserving and increasing the reach and resources of the Gen Z Cycling community.


VIII Safety

Each member will put safety first, both individually and for the group and the community as a whole. For group rides, priority is given to risk-free, responsible driving behavior in function of the individual and the group. Every Gen Z Cycling member will always maintain his equipment with a view to safety and will always wear a crash helmet when practicing cycling (with the exception of e-cycling).



VZW Gen Z Sports, as the overarching factor of Gen Z Cycling, signed the Panathon statement and this means that all its members are expected to comply with the rules of conduct. More info here .



Gen Z Cycling will always ensure that there is sufficient opportunity for its members to deposit the waste in the correct way. The club provides waste bags or waste bins for events. Gen Z Cycling expects that members take their waste home during group rides and/or individual rides or hand it over to supervisors, trainers, support vehicle or the like.



No anti-doping regulations are expected to be violated by any of our Gen Z Cycling members. Violation of WADA regulations or a positive check will result in exclusion from the Gen Z Cycling community.

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