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"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Gen Z is the latest generation. The generation that follows Gen Y, better known as millennials.

A generation that grew up between technology and social media, and for whom it comes naturally as we know it.


Gen Z Cycling is a community of teams , partners , sponsors , competitive and amateur cyclists who maximize the benefits of cycling club membership by enjoying each other's presence.

Everyone is free to join Gen Z Cycling for a fixed amount of €35/year. In return you can take classes at the Gen Z Academy, you get access to exclusive events and online forums, discounts with our partners, ...

At the Gen Z Academy we provide the members of Gen Z Cycling with lessons that teach them about cycling. This concerns both practical and theoretical lessons, whereby law gives priority to online consultation as much as possible.


From these perspectives, we at Gen Z Cycling focus on three pillars. Community life, social media presence and race results. This is how we want to set the tone for future cycling and sports teams in general.

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